Week 15

Emily’s latest book deal, Lauren Allbright’s middle grade novel, How to Be Funny was just announced on Publisher’s Weekly. Each week, book deals are announced in the trade publication, and it is a great way for agents to keep tabs on trends in the industry and also to see if they might have passed on a manuscript  that ended up getting published. It is an honor to have your deal featured in PW, and it’s exciting to kick off the promotion for this new book. 

  How to Be Funny is being published by Aladdin in 2017, and is about a middle school boy who uses the scientific method to learn how to be funny, and make friends. Having read it, I know it’s humorous and fits its target market well. 

  Middle grade novels require specific marketing plans. There is a lot of targeting of middle and high school librarians for press and book talks. Often times middle grade novels are optioned for movie rights. 

I’ve also been concentrating on my capstone paper this week, and I’ve enjoyed the research that has gone along with this project. 

It’s been a great semester, and I’m excited to keep reading for Emily! 


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