Week 9

It’s been good to catch up on the query inbox this week. I have been reading lots, and enjoying it. Although I have had to send a couple rejections right off the spot. I was lucky that Emily gave me permission to fire off I rejection letter if I know that it something that’s not publishable. This has to do a lot with what’s already on the market, for example the market is truly oversaturated with vampire stories and lots and lots of dystopian novels after “The Hunger Games” and “Divergent” series. I’m under under a nondisclosure agreement so I can’t really say much about what I did end up wanting to publish; but the things that were successful were pieces that told a story in and unique way. Whether that was incorporating illustrations or having to duology format (two narrators, switching off each chapter), I was lucky to find probably three or four pieces that I knew that Emily would want to read. Those are ones I requested more material for. Emily only asks for the first 10 pages on a manuscript, so I write a letter requesting more material when I really like something. This means the actual full manuscript, as well as the exclusive rights to not send it to any more agents for the time being.

While I am really and truly grateful for the opportunity to work in the publishing industry, I’m not sure this is something I want to pursue as a “big girl job”, especially because at that industry is hard to break into and will probably make me use a lot of my own money. Because if you don’t get book deals, you’re dependent on your savings,or even your parents, especially in New York City. I feel like this time has definitely taught me what I do look for and enjoy in writing, and has also taught me that I would love to pursue being an agent as a career after I’ve made my own money out at another career.


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